Customer Care

As part of our commitment to transparency each site is contacted on a regular basis. These calls are designed to confirm cleaning standards are being met and to reassure our clients that the whole team is here to support them should things not be as they should be. Often during these calls clients ask about […]

2017 – 2018 A Rewarding Year

With the new financial year upon us it is important to reflect upon the remarkable year just past. A big thank you to our General Managers, who have guided the success of both the Commercial and Healthcare Divisions as well as the fabulous team that they lead. In 2017 we made a bold decision to […]



Changing the way the world cleans. Chemical-free ozone technology is taking over as the dominant cleaning method. Cleaners are finding it so much better as they are not struggling with allergies that often lead to severe headaches. At first, our cleaners were sceptical “how can we clean with just water, there’s nothing in it, it […]


Supercare strives to be responsible and ethical, providing a safe and hygienic workplace for its employees that is also helping to make our world a better place. Supercare is committed to supporting: Animals Australia: Australia’s leading animal protection organisation. Uniting millions of people who believe in a world where animals are free from cruelty. CareFlight: […]