Supercare customers can now order their toilet paper, hand towels, soap and bin liners through the Supercare SMR app making ordering consumables quicker and easier.


“The SMR app is bespoke to Supercare and a great tool for cleaners to inform us or the client of anything broken or faulty that they come across, so it can be fixed. And now the app can also be used when stocks are low on everyday consumables that the client orders from us,” says Neil Molyneux, General Manager, Supercare.


The increased functionality of the SMR app is part of Supercare’s continued growth as it celebrates its 19th birthday this week.


“We are now cleaning commercial businesses in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand and looking to grow our presence across the Tasman with a number of clients already interested in our services there.


“Expanding our reach and introducing capabilities that create new efficiencies in cleaning is something Supercare is always looking to achieve. We look forward to more clients using the new SMR app functionality to order their consumables,” says Neil.


If you would like more information on the SMR app of any of Supercare’s services, email [email protected] or call 02 9986 1000.