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Aged, Medical & Health Care

Medical and aged care facilities require specialist expertise to meet strict health and safety requirements for patients, residents, staff and all visitors. Supercare Aged Care and Health is proud of the policies and procedures developed and implemented to specifically address the needs of our clients and meet stringent industry accreditation structures.

From 1 July 2019, the Australian Government introduced the new Charter of Aged Care Rights making it easier for aged care consumers (those receiving aged care services), their families and carers, to understand what they can expect from an aged care service provider. The Charter is focused on a culture of inclusion and respect for consumers; supporting choice and independence; and respecting consumers’ privacy.

With a firm focus on meeting the individuals’ wishes, Supercare Aged Care and Health helps service providers adhere to the Charter by providing an environment that is safe, clean, well maintained and comfortable for aged care consumers.

As well as  weekly management visits we generate monthly audits using the on-line CleanTelligent inspecting software which provides detailed reports and tracking.

The significance of providing a safe workplace is recognised by Supercare which in its 18 year history has not had a reportable injury. We have developed risk assessments, site specific inductions, management and training programs that reinforce our commitment to wellbeing of all stakeholders. Our cleaning professionals are all vaccinated against the flu and have police clearances.

Our well-presented and friendly cleaning personnel use up-to-date equipment with ongoing training and support to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Why not let us look after your Consumables, Hygiene Systems, Waste, Pest Management whilst taking care of your Aged, Healthcare or Medical Cleaning Needs?

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